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You Could Access Your Retirement Savings Sooner Than You Thought

About 14 percent of federal employees are currently eligible to retire; are you? Most federal employees have to work for a specific number of years or reach a designated retirement age in order to access their Thrift Savings Plan and/or other retirement benefits. But what if you didn’t have to?

Instead of relying on the government for your retirement funds, you could take your retirement savings into your own hands and avoid government restrictions, penalties, and taxes. With index universal life insurance, you could start saving for retirement now, and use it when you want to – not when the government says you’ve worked enough or when you’ve reached “retirement age.” You don’t even have to pay income taxes on the money you withdraw from the policy. You can earn interest on your savings without worrying about losing money – index universal life has no market risk, so you won’t lose money when the market decreases.

Index universal life insurance is also a safer option than some government retirement plans. If you’re depending on the government to be in good economic standing and get quick access to your money when you retire, you have to be prepared in case that doesn’t happen. In the event of difficult economic times or a government shutdown, you could lose some of your savings or have to wait to receive it. With index universal life insurance, you’re guaranteed your retirement savings whenever you need it, no matter what the economic status of the government.

If you’re tired of waiting for your retirement funds and want to access to your retirement savings early, visit our Tax-free retirement page or fill out the form to the right to have an agent contact you with more information.

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