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Budget Plan Would Affect Federal Employee’s Retirement

There has been discussion over a congressional budget plan that would affect the retirement plans of all federal workers. According to The Washington Post, the plan would require federal employees to pay more for their retirement and new employees would no longer receive the Federal Employee Retirement System Annuity Supplement. In total, the bill would take $20 billion from federal workers.

This news is upsetting for many federal employees. Many Americans rely on their employers for their retirement funds, and federal employees are no exception. The government can make changes to the retirement plans of federal employees at any time, which could leave many federal workers without enough money to support themselves during retirement. Even if the bill currently being discussed isn’t passed, another bill could come along at any time. With the government, your retirement savings isn’t guaranteed.

Here at Federal Advantage Benefit Company, we provide tax-free retirement income options as well as annuities for federal and government employees. Our plans won’t change, so you won’t get any unexpected surprises with your retirement plan. You can choose to get a plan that will offer a tax-free income for a certain amount of years during your retirement or you can receive payments for the rest of your life. Our plans also have no market risk, so you won’t have to worry about losing money if the market drops. Our plans are backed by some of the top carriers in the industry.

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