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Calculating the Cost of FEGLI

Because federal employees are automatically enrolled in the Federal Employee’s Group Life Insurance’s basic plan, many federal employees do not pay attention to how much it is costing them. FEGLI seems like a good deal for life insurance when you’re young, but the monthly cost of your FEGLI plan increases dramatically every five years. Your monthly cost nearly doubles!

If you’re a healthy 45 year old male with a $250,000 FEGLI policy, you would only pay $43.25 per month. This sounds like a reasonable amount. However, if you still have that same policy when you’re 65, you’d be paying $335.75 per month for the same amount of coverage and it would increase to $617.50 per month when you turn 70!

If the same 45 year old male had a 20 year $250,000 policy with FABC, he would pay $103.40 per month for the entire term of the policy, saving him thousands of dollars by the time he’s 65. It doesn’t make sense to pay more for the same amount of coverage.

Don’t waste your money with FEGLI just because you were automatically enrolled – take control and save the money you’ve worked hard for. We’ll help you find an affordable plan that meets all of your coverage needs.

For more information about how FABC can give you the affordable coverage you need, visit our page for federal employees. Browse our website to find out about our government allotments and other insurance policies.

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