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Everyone is Worried about ObamaCare, but What About Life Insurance?

Many Americans concerned about how ObamaCare will affect the costs and benefits of their health insurance. Affordable health insurance is important to many people, because medical expenses can be quite costly. However, while people are concerned about health coverage, they’re completely forgetting about their need for life insurance coverage – which is just as important.

Everyone is Worried about ObamaCare, but What About Life Insurance?

According to LIMRA, last year 50% of Americans believed they needed more life insurance. Most people haven’t done anything about it because they’re concerned about the cost. While health insurance coverage is something you’re likely to need at some point, life insurance is something you will need. Unfortunately, humans can’t live forever; someday, we will die. When we die, our loved ones will have to pay for our funeral and burial expenses, which are $10,000 or more on average. The costs of cremation are not much lower. Most families can’t cover that amount of money, especially when they’ve lost the income of the deceased. Life insurance can ensure that your funeral and burial costs are taken care of and that your income will be replaced for a few years after you’re gone.

One of the greatest benefits of life insurance is that you can protect your family’s financial future, while being kind to your wallet when you’re still around. In most cases, life insurance is much more affordable than health insurance and some with some plans, the death benefit is guaranteed.

So the next time someone brings up the subject of ObamaCare or health insurance, be sure to ask, “What about life insurance?”

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