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Does your retirement savings plan have market risk? Will you have to pay income taxes on your retirement income? Do you have to wait until retirement age to access your money? If you passed away, would your family have to go through the lengthy and costly probate process to get to your retirement savings money if they could even access it at all?

Many government and federal employees don’t have answers to those questions about their retirement savings plan, or they would have to answer “yes.” With a retirement plan from FABC, you could answer “No” to all of those questions. No market risk, no income taxes, no waiting, no chance of losing your retirement money, and no probate process to retrieve it if you pass away.

How is this possible? Index universal life insurance can provide a tax-free retirement with fewer restrictions than the average retirement savings plan. With this plan, you’ll earn interest on your money when the market is up, but won’t lose money when it decreases. You also won’t have to pay income taxes on the money you withdraw from the policy and you can access the money whenever you’d like. With other retirement plans, you have to wait until a given retirement age to touch your money. With index universal life, you can access your money at any time, no matter what age you are. The money that you have in the policy will go to your beneficiaries when you pass away and they won’t have to go through probate to get to it. Other plans make your money disappear when you pass away rather than giving it to your family, or they make your family wait on probate in order to get to it.

FABC has tax-free index universal life retirement plans for government and federal employees. If you’re interested in a retirement savings plan with no market risk, no waiting, and no chance of losing your retirement income, visit our tax-free retirement page or fill out the form to the right for more information.

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