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Child Life Insurance
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Child Life Insurance

Although it’s an unpleasant thought to consider, could you afford the funeral and burial costs if your child passed away? What about outstanding medical bills that could come after their passing? What if your child develops and illness like diabetes, asthma, or another illness and can’t find affordable life insurance later in life?

Child life insurance protects your child for his or her entire lifetime, no matter what illnesses or injuries he or she develops later in life. The cost of coverage is very low for children, and they can choose to get more coverage later in life if they wish.

Without coverage, your child will be subject to higher insurance rates due to illnesses, injuries, smoking, or high risk behaviors or occupations in the future. By getting coverage now, you can protect them for a lifetime.

Although FEGLI offers some coverage options for children, the prices increase as you get older and coverage ends when your child becomes an adult. Here at Federal Advantage Benefit Company, we offer lifetime coverage for children for lower prices that won’t increase over time.

If you’re interested in getting coverage for your child, fill out the form to the right or give us a call at 888-340-7187. One of our licensed financial professionals will contact you to help your child get the coverage he or she needs for a low cost.

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