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Tax-Free Retirement: permanent life insurance can provide a number of tax benefits if structured and funded properly.

Whole Life, Universal Life and Index Universal Life policies provide:

 This can be a great strategy for:

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Disability Income – is available through FABC as either a rider or as a standalone product.

These policies can provide needed monthly income in the event of a debilitating illness or injury preventing one from working in his/her own occupation. Types of policies and coverage limits vary by carrier.

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FEGLI Supplemental Coverage

Federal employees have a group life insurance program called the Federal Employee Group Life Insurance program or “FEGLI”. Basic Insurance and optional coverages are available under this program.

FEGLI Basic Insurance – equal to salary rounded up to the next even thousand, plus $2,000

FEGLI offers three types of optional insurance:

FEGLI premium rates are based upon age only, with no distinction for gender or tobacco use. As employees grow older, the cost per $1,000 of coverage increases.

For example, a 45-year-old male earning $50,000 a year will pay $43.25 per month for Option B, with five times coverage. At age 65 his cost will increase to $335.75 per month, a rather astounding increase!!

FABC offers affordable and potentially money-saving alternative to FEGLI options, giving federal employees more choices and greater flexibility for coverage and budget needs.

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Critical Illness – coverage is available through FABC either as a rider on a life insurance policy (check state availability) or as a standalone product.

Critical Illness coverage can provide funds via a lump sum payment of cash for several types of critical illnesses including:

Each policy and rider will provide different types of coverage, so please seek the guidance of an FABC representative.

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Simplified Issue - many insurance companies require medical exams in order to determine whether or not to provide life insurance coverage. At FABC we offer a number of  ”simplified issue” products that do not require medical exams. If you qualify, you can obtain coverage that starts right away, without the hassle of a medical exam.

Spousal Coverage – insurance on a nonworking spouse is important because it will provide funds to pay to replace the things your loved one provided during their life.

Taking care of children, the household…. just make a list of all the things he nonworking spouse does to keep the family on track. You will be amazed at what it would cost to replace all of these things!

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