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Federal & Government Employees Tax-Free Retirement

Here at FABC, we offer Index Universal Life Insurance as a vehicle for a tax-free income during your retirement. Unlike other life insurance plans, index universal life offers a living benefit as well as a death benefit. This means that you can access the cash value of the policy whenever you’d like and leave the remainder to your beneficiaries when you pass away. You will not have to pay income taxes on the money that you withdraw from the policy, and you can chose whether or not you’d like to pay back the money that you withdraw. If you don’t need the money during retirement, you can choose to leave the entire amount of the policy to your beneficiaries.

With an index universal life insurance policy, you gain interest based on an external index like the S&P 500 or Euro Stoxx 50. With our retirement plans, there is no market risk; this means that you’ll gain interest when the market is up, but won’t lose money when the market down. With most retirement plans there are restrictions on how much you can contribute and how value the plan can build. FABC offers plans that have no restrictions on how much you can contribute, which means that there is no maximum cash value – you can have as much coverage as you’d like. Some of our plans don’t even require a medical exam.

FABC wants to ensure that federal and government employees get the best retirement plan available to them. That’s why we carry products from some of the top rated insurance carriers. We provide many options so that you will get a plan that meets your coverage and budget needs.

If you’re interested in a tax-free retirement plan with no market risk, fill out the form to the right or call us today. One of our licensed insurance agents will help you find the right retirement plan for you.

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