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Specialized Insurance Coverage
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Specialized Insurance Coverage

Non-Medical Exam Life Insurance – many insurance companies require medical exams in order to determine whether or not to provide life insurance coverage. At FABC we offer a number of ”simplified issue” products that do not require medical exams. If you qualify, you can obtain coverage that starts right away, without the hassle of a medical exam.

Small Business Owners – having your own business can be a great way to earn a living. It also provides freedom to make your own way. But it also comes with great responsibility and there are a multitude of ways life insurance can make sure the business continues on as you wish, provide emergency funds and/or provide tax-free income for retirement.

Special Needs – planning for the future for individuals with special needs is a daunting task. We can help you understand programs that are available and how life insurance can play a vital role in proper planning.

COPD and Life Insurance – individuals with COPD often find it difficult to obtain life insurance coverage. At FABC we work with life insurance carriers who understand how to underwrite for COPD. It is possible to obtain the life insurance coverage needed.

Life Insurance for College – permanent life insurance builds cash value which can be accessed, tax-free, to help pay for all types of educational costs, including college. When determining how much life insurance coverage is needed, the expense of higher education should be a factor.

Life Insurance for Diabetics - it can difficult to find life insurance at an affordable rate if you have diabetes. Some companies may even deny you coverage. FABC can help you find an affordable policy that provides the coverage you need.

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